Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Har mar Superstar and new merch / cd/ etc / shit

Next time you can see us next? April 6th we open for Har mar Superstar at the Firebird. Crazy rad / hilarious genius from Minne -uh -apolis , Prince x Sex x Ron Jeremy x Danny Devito x electronic supersonic. RADRADRADRAD. Also, we have new shirts black / yellow and green / grey. Should have new cd sooooon. Working currently. Keep you posted. rad -Tiltsdy

St. Patty's Day Thanks

Mega thanks to all who came last night to the Library and Goldtooth and The Brought Low from NYC for stopping in and rocking it. Killer bros and great times. Thanks to the Library for having us even if we did have to skip our last two songs. Great to see some friends we haven't in ages. Hey also, a new mix of the first track off our first e.p. "Cassingle" done by our great friend Ian Whalen from Richmond , VA who has worked the knobs for Lamb of God, Alabama Thunderpussy, RPG, Rah Brahs, etc. Killer killer dude with a Mark Mothersbaugh type ear for music candy, tune is "Super Ultra Mega" , hear it in movies about surfing this summer. rad.

Andy - Tilts!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tuesday March 16th, the night before St. Patrick's Day we play with The Brought Low and Goldtooth at the Library. All bands will have new stuff, some new cds, some shirts, some just coming off finally getting some really killer local recognition from Monday Night Metal and the institution that is KShe, and opening for Anvil. Some having just opened for The Crooked Vultures , released a new record and on their way to SXSW. Some having just recorded "Science Fiction Christmas", which will prove to be a landmark for those who still listen to "Music", in the year 2017. You decide.