Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Basically, this is my favorite thing we've done. All the bumps, all the bruises preserved. This is the "director's commentary" of our band, demos here spanning the first week we were jamming up until the last week of writing for Cuatro Hombres. I mean, I love this kind of stuff. It's truly a snapshot of what it sounds like when we are fucking around and writing in the basement.  I don't think enough bands expose this side of it, as a recording packed with errors, imperfections and flubs could be considered by some not cool. It's a reiteration of our always mission statement :

"rock is not serious, stop taking yourself so...serious"

We made 50 of these by hand for the kick starter supporting Cuatro Hombres, and those are all gone. We are pleased to share it for download off our bandcamp page. Enjoy, farts n all.



TILTS - DILTS demo(s) CD-R - DILTS is a handmade collection of personally recorded demos, weird bits, unreleased tracks, old versions of tunes and scratch pad wackyness spanning 2009 through 2013. There are 4 track recordings, studio masters that didn't get used, impromptu iPhone tracks, and boom-box-in-a-corner "we've gotta get that down" jams. Some of it is crummy and some of it will make you wonder "why wasn't this finished and used?". A secret peek at TILTS private vault and a must for the super fan or aspiring musician. A treasure chest from the inner workings of TILTS: all unreleased and unavailable to the public until now, made available ONLY in this campaign. Limited to 50: handmade and numbered by the band, mixed down in our home base of Marmadook Studios.

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